Les Moitsutoitsous

A matrix and tectonic gestation caused a world event which finds today its esthetic outcome: the Moitsutoitsous. Issuing from uteroterrestrial movements and conceived during the initial big bang by an inspired creator, a priori ordinary human beings were suddenly able to recognize one another and create what billions of centuries of wanderings had been unable to initiate. While individually living a doleful life, they were overcome by sudden jolts at discovering one another on the street, on beaches, in shopping centers, in a traffic jam, they recognized one another and, the moment they saw another they could not resist; hallucinated they started to dance et and to interpret in front of transported passers by, without realizing it, the very essence of the purest dance, the one true, unique, universal, life-saving. First in twosomes, then in threesomes, and finally in a perfect ensemble, they composed the most beautiful dance choir in the world, the one through which dance would be nothing, the one which has overturned for all time any other would be creation. If you come across one of them and if he overcomes you through his brilliant and wet gaze, greet him with the cosmic shout “Akanainainakai”, and he will dance for you and you will be transformed.

Past events