Music for Lamps

Music for Lamps is an audiovisual performance group consisting of Montréal-based composers and sound artists Adam Basanta, Julian Stein, and Max Stein. The trio controls a fleet of lamps discreetly outfitted with surface transducer speakers, turning the lamps into sound emitters. Active since 2012, they have performed at various venues and festivals including Espace Projet Gallerie, FOFA Gallery, La Sala Rosa, la Plante (Montréal, QC), VIVO Media Arts Centre (Vancouver), Sounds Like Audio Festival 2013 (Saskatoon, SK), Electric Eclectics 2013 (Meaford, ON), Nuit Blanche 2013 (Montréal, QC), and the Logan Centre for the Arts (Chicago, IL).

Past events