Music for Money

We are first and foremost free and independent artists: we do what want and we believe that art is strong enough to suffice to itself. Music for Money is a big ironic wink, a slap to the face of hypocrites. We create instrumental sound tracks, the words of which change each time one listens to them and according to our state of mind, our moods, the weather, life. In the studio we invent paintings, layers of colors, of emotions, of stories and of madness. In our shows, our pieces make unexpected turns, spontaneous, different each time according to the context, the energy. And this text will change also, like everything else.

Members: Myriam Boucher, piano, synthetiser, electronics; Pierre-Luc Lecours, guitar, electronics; Jérémie Jones, double bass, bass; Dominique Laguë, vocal percussions, electro-phonetics.

Past events