JF Nadeau

A 2002 graduate of Montréal’s Conservatoire d’art dramatique, JF Nadeau always attached greater value to writing when creating. Ever since he fashioned his character P.R.O.U.N intended for the monthly cabarets Satyricon Tabarnak (98-00) headquartered at the now late mystical bar Les Beaux Esprits, the spoken word stuck with him and never left his life for a second. As a performer, he now embodies one of Kaboum’s super heroes (TQ) and, in addition to belonging to the household team of actors of Dieu Merci (TVA), he also plays the part of an esthete personal assistant in Penthouse 5-0 (SRC). Otherwise, JF is now partaking in his 8th LNI’s season; moreover, he is working on a slippery version of Little Red Riding Hood at Espace Libre and is elaborating projects around utopian feature films. He considers his theatrical encounter with Avec pas d’casque to be both in the nature of things and a real blessing.

Past events