Navet Confit

Everyone knows that Navet Confit (literally meaning “caramelized turnip”) is quite the vampire! From his first idle recordings back in the last century to the present, the dentulous vegetable has roamed between noise and violent softness. When you are immortal you have plenty of time to experiment! Multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, artistic director, sound recordist, music mixer, arranger, lyricist, composer… Initially there was a series of four independent EPs that told of the many experiences of Navet Confit, followed by LP1, his first complete album. Navet worked twice as hard in 2007 for LP2, an album packed with 24 songs, all about nothing, and produced with twenty musical collaborators. On stage, he surrounds himself with kindred spirits, the Dauphins Vampires, who follow him everywhere and kindly terrorize an audience starving for new melodies. Navet recorded LP3 in the spring of 2009. The album is concise; our favourite vegetable flirted once again with grunge and indie-rock while even adding a touch of electro. This time, the short but fiery tracks were recorded mainly solo. In his shows, the bloodthirsty veggie seeks to surprise his spectators, taking them into a surreal dimension where anything is possible. The inventive reinterpretations of an ever-changing work and abstract graphic displays ensure his audience never knows whether they’re coming or going.

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