Norman Nawrocki

Norman Nawrocki is a Montréal author, actor, sex advocate and musician who tours the world promoting creative resistance. Since 1985 he has released over 50 albums with his bands (Rhythm Activism, Bakunin’s Bum, DaZoque!, The Flaming Perogies, etc.), produced numerous community cabarets about tenants’ and welfare rights, globalization, etc., and written five books. The most recent, a collection of short stories and band travelogue, is The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret (Black Rose Books). He’s also known across Canada for his hilarious, topical and provocative anti-sexist, sex comedy cabarets (Sex Toys!, My Dick & Other Manly Tales, I Don’t Understand Women!, and Lessons from a 7ft Penis). His most recent album is Duck Work.

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