J-F No

Here is a talented artist who has a lot to say and who definitely does not have stage fright, far from it! This full-time singer-songwriter invests most of his time performing with Junkyard Dogs, Medicine Chest—music by Tom Waits, FET.NAT. and J’Envoie. He’s been in the music industry for 15 years now, with more than 1200 shows under his belt and a lifetime’s worth of unique experiences. His recent collaboration with E-Tron Rec shows us what he has to offer: a kaleidoscope of images captured in words and backed by a soundtrack that sounds straight out of a magic studio. A release date is set for 2011 for “Robe d’Été” by JF along with Pierre-Luc Clément, a project that promises to be no less than a rhythmic revelation. We know that JF is unswerving yet driven and we’re sure he’ll steer his way to a top spot at the finish line. Who wants to bet on that?

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