Benoît Paradis Trio

Benoît Paradis is an atypic creator, author-composer-trombonist-singer of “funny minimalist jazz” with the Benoît Paradis Trio. From now, he’s been releasing 2 albums: *Introduction* and * Lâche-pas la patate*. With the complicity of pianist Chatale Morin and double bassist Benoît Coulombe, he’s delivering a casual virtuosity with cartoon-like kind of songs, where he’s leading us to a “Montréal lifestyle” that is a little decayed from reality, where crazyness and sensibility are united. 2004 prize winner for the sector interpret of *Festival en chanson de Petite-Valée*, graduated from the music conservatory of Montréal city, multi-instrumentist, Paradis is collaborating, since year 2003, to different project (Bernard Adamus, Josianne Paradis, Chantale Morin, Nicole Carmen, Plywood 3/4). His versatility brought him to perform as a theatre actor (interpret for DynamOthéâtre, Théâtre Parminou, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde) and also as a marionetist.

Past events