Guy Pelletier

Guy Pelletier is the main composer of Eden106. Although extremely intricate and carefully woven, his music also has a very primal, vivid and instinctive feel to it. He is constantly digging in the foundations of spoken words to extract the music hidden in it, rather than imposing pre-composed melodies to them. As dialog and music editor, he has worked with a number of film directors like: Denys Arcand, François Girard, Denis Chouinard, André Turpin, Sébastien Rose and François Blouin. He has very closely worked on movie soundtracks from Michel Cusson, John Corrigliano, Philip Glass and Bill Laswell. His rafined and precise work as sound and music editor on François Girard’s Red Violin will win him a Jutra award in 1999. In 2002, he wins a second Jutra, along with Ramachandra Borcar, for his music on the film Un crabe dans la tête. In 2003, he created, with Caroline Lizotte and the Trois-Rivières Symphony Orchestra, Caroline Lizotte’s Concerto Techno pour Harpe et Orchestre. Finally, he has just finished producing the first album of the alternative rock band: Ileana.