Myriam Pellicane

Born in Tunis at the stroke of noon, the daughter of an immigrant Sicilian father and a mother from the French countryside, Myriam Pellicane grew up in Algeria as part of wandering family (her father’s job was building wells in the desert). After moving to Paris, she adapted to urban life in the Cité de la Courneuve, escaping from time to time to turn herself into a shepherd, wandering between Christian legend and the devil’s mischief. As a teenager, she left for Lyon—capital of sorcery, city of crossroads—and started a punk band with her rebel friends, making her first forays onto the stage at the local Maison des jeunes et de la culture. In 2000 she finally found herself and became a singer. She learned eloquence with Michel Hindenoch, her repertoire with Jean Porcherot; she sang and played wild music with Evelyne Girardon; she tried tragedy, the baroque and organic sounds with Mireille Antoine and Vicente Fuentes, improvisation with Didier Kowarsky, movement with Eulalia Sagarra, and learned Kung-Fu in the hilly neighbourhood of la Croix Rousse… After several solo endeavours, she assembled the company Izidoria in 2005 and from that point on she became interested in finding a voice that would be driven by music. Her partners on the stage: Abaye Abakar Adam (storyteller and musician) and Daniel Mariotte (guitarist), up until 2006. Her latest creations, as of 2008: a barbarian mythology, the legend of the Nartes: ‘Les Héros’ with Olivier Bost (guitarist) and Eric Delbouys (drummer) and ‘les Petseurs (les 7 peurs),’ a show for kids with the acousmatic Laurent Grappe. Using the raw material of traditional stories, Myriam Pellicane engages in a baroque pastiche of beliefs and founding myths, connecting fantasy and modernity with unabashed, unbridled surrealism. Fascinated by the mysteries of the ancient world, she invents new spaces for them to come alive. Always looking for spontaneous adventure—on the stage or on the street—she relies on legends, the way children play with manga cards, counting the glowing dots.

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