In Lisa Teichmann’s (Pulsatilla) musical compositions, organic sounds merge with thick, dark drones, combining electronic and classical instruments with field recordings. The emerging soundscapes make audible tensions between the opposing forces in nature: the comforting forest sounds juxtaposed to radio waves or the human heartbeat pervading tape loops. Her artistic practice consists of playing and recording instruments and sounds, then synthesizing these audio tracks into MIDI pads with which she improvises and composes. She is a classically trained flute player. In her live performances, she layers recorded sounds on top of atmospheric pads, flute and organ improvisation to achieve organic, deep and natural soundscapes. She organizes monthly jams with Montréal-based artists to provide an open, safe and diverse environment for free artistic expression. She is a host on LoSignal on CKUT 90.3 FM and released her music on DMT records and Jeunesse Cosmique.

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