Asaël Robitaille

Asaël Robitaille is a Montréal-based classically-trained composer, multi-instrumentalist/guitarist, electronic musician, and producer. He boasts an extensive collaborative resume that spans across multitude of styles and genres; working on a wide variety of projects both locally and abroad. His instrumentation, arrangement, and production work is featured on albums by artists such as Femminielli (MIND Records), Marie Davidson (Ninja Tune), Essaie Pas (DFA), Julia Daigle, Jerico, Feu St-Antoine, Elle Barbara (Tricatel), Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (raster-noton, Halcyon Veil, Haunter Records) and Ramzi (RVNG, Moodhut).

He has toured extensively in both North America and Europe playing shows both as a solo artist and accompanying live performer. Under the moniker Bataille Solaire, Asaël’s genre-bending music has been released on critically acclaimed label Orange Milk as well as MIND Records. He is also a co-founder of music, art, and design platform “Éditions Appærent” alongside Pierre Guerineau, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, and Will Ballantyne. Asaël is a mainstay of the Montréal contemporary music scenes and performs in a sprawl of projects including a mega-band with label-mates and collaborators entitled “Orchestroll”, and is part Anna Arrobas’s band.

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