Les Sages fous

Les Sages Fous propose a theatre of paradoxes: grotesque and poetic, ritual and mundane, domestic and marvelous.

The company recreates a lost world where the mask, the puppet, the object, and the human coexist. A theatre where images and gestures speak more strongly than words. A theatre that is surprising and disturbing as it is wild and undisciplined.

Manipulateurs and fabricators work closely together at every stage of our creations. We create shows that are living organisms in constant evolution. Each performance is a platform for experimentation rather than a fixed form. We want the freedom to be able to present the results of our different trials and errors, in the goal of developing a dramaturgy specific to urban and unconventional spaces. We work, reassess and transform our shows. We seek a dialogue with the public, who is a key player in the transformation of our creations.

Past events