Born in 1983 in the small village of Pikogan in Abitibie-Témiscaminque, Samian is an engaged mixed-race the has chosen rap as an expression mode. In 2004, he’s meeting cineastress Manon Barbeau and the Mobile Wapikoni and rapidly becomes the project’s figurehead. His songs are linking his personal story with the destin of the Abitibi’s Algonquin native’s nation and his songs are inviting the Quebec province’s people to a dialog with the first nation’s people. In the year 2007, the production of his first album “face à soi-même” starts to lift under the “7eme ciel record label”. The first teaser of the album, “La paix des Braves” (in a duet with Loco Locass’s rappers) is launched over the radio stations has a success, even before the official release of the album. On his first album, Samian chooses to offer a personal interpretation of his life, his path, and the identity and story of his fellows and himself. In 2010, Samian launches his second album “Face à la musique”. Realised by Félix-Antoine Leroux, Steve Jolin and Samian, this album proposes 14 punchy tracks in which the rapper chooses to offer a living and promotion for his ancestor’s dialect, the Algonquin language. This way, he is offering a very specific and particular kind of hip-hop, into a perfect harmony with his community’s reality. His writing skills within the text of this album allowed his community to get noticed and to have a voice where they had trouble to get heard.

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