Séba, aka Le Bûcheron, is a former film student who chose to express himself with the microphone rather than the camera. He made a name for himself with his performances at poetry evenings and with his texts, particularly those published in the journal Steak haché. He has self-published a collection of short texts entitled Au delà du réel. On several occasions, he has appeared onstage with the group Loco Locass, performing in their company at the megaconcert at Métropolis, held during the 2002 edition of the Francofolies, and on their most recent multimedia album, In vivo, released in 2003. Séba has also collaborated on projects with members of the Montreal group Godspeed!youblackemperor and with electronic musician Ghislain Poirier, whom he accompanies at each of his public appearances and with whom he recorded several tracks for two of his albums released this year. The poet also lends a hand to the urban jazz group Sculpture du son, which performs at Nik’s Pub the last Thursday of every month.

Past events