Robert Seven-Crows

Robert Seven-Crows (Bob Bourdon) is a Metis/Mi’kmag and member of the ‘‘Alliance Autochtone du Québec’’ (Quebec First Nations Alliance.) He is a raconteur, author/composer, and interpreter. His music mixes his Amerindian roots and Louisiana black folk music. His pieces are written in Mi’kmag, English and French. He has been active for many years in folk stories and music festivals in Canada, France, Belgium, Corsica, Reunion, and Lebanon. He recorded a CD in 1995 with the group ‘‘Coyote Sings’’. In 2007, he recorded with Erik West-Millette a CD entitled Traditional songs/Chants traditionnels, with drum and voice, and another entitled Native Soul, with traditional Mi’kmag songs and his own compositions. In December of the same year he is spokesperson for the Joyful December event in Montréal. In September 2008, he is awarded the ‘‘La Girouette cuivrée’’ prize by the Sergent Recruteur as a top raconteur. He presents his music as well on the show TAM on APTN TV. In October 2008 he is the artist/moderator for the ‘‘Festival de la littérature’’ gala at Montréal’s Lion d’Or, where he shares the podium with Karen Young, Raoul Duguay, Ivy, and Samian. In November and December 2008, he takes the Native Soul show to France with Erik West-Millette and Bernard Falaise. He has worked in prisons with Indian men, with Quebec youths, in France, and in Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

Past events