Kyra Shaughnessy

Kyra Shaughnessy Willcock was born in Pointe-Claire, Montréal on August 11th, 1987. At the age of four her family moved to St-Hubert de Audet, a small village in the Eastern townships, where they lived on their two-hundred and fifty acre farm for eleven years before moving back to Montréal in 2001.Kyra was homeschooled until the age of fourteen when she began attending M.I.N.D high school, where she is now finishing her secondary five in preparation for Cegep. As early as the age of five, she had aspirations of becoming a great writer and well-known author.She began writting poetry by the age of ten but has only begun to share her work publicly in the past year, mostly through her involvement with the Leave Out Violence youth program.Her interest in dub poetry took root after hearing a recording of Saul Williams and this form of expression has now become central to her writing.

Past events