Réjean Thomas

Réjean Thomas has not lived in France for the past 57 years. Rare heir of the dadaïst tradition in Québec, he has been teaching literature at collegial level for the past thirty years. His first book, Poèmes français, was published in 2006 by Éditions Poètes de brousse. Réjean subsequently spent time in France and returned to perform a serie of full blast performances that quickly put his name on the map of Montréal’s poetic scene, as well as that of Abitibi and Saint-Hyacinthe. Réjean recently published a second title Œuvre complète, published with the same Publishing house. “Réjean Thomas work’’, says Jean-Marc Desgent in the prologue, “is the last literature that Quebec will ever produce[…] Read it and you will see, nothing will remain for you to hold […]". His work is still one of the most problematic that contemporary poetry created, and the author is satisfied with its incompleteness.

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