Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas is a poet, songwriter, wordsmith and dreamer. In addition he is also a caregiver, owning a foster home for six mentally ill clients, an entrepreneur and proud father of two. Stephen has been a performance poet in Montréal for the last five years and has added greatly to the quality of the culture. Ever since he stepped foot on the urban poetry scene he has set stages a flame with his infectious delivery and deep rooted vibrations. Not just a performer, Stephen has been a catalyst in the revival of the Montréal spoken word industry by helping to start collectives such as Kalmunity Vibe Collective, a live organic improv communal that has been running for almost two years now. He has recently created the performance poetry series called The Soapbox, home to some of the most talented musician, poets, vocalists and lyricists in Montréal. It is only now starting to take root and is already hinting of being one of the most exciting poetry shows in Montréal. Stephen has also created Stephen Thomas Group (STG), a company dedicated to the promotion and uplifting of the word through artistic means. Projects like Reflections of Rebirth, (his debut spoken music album) and The Soapbox, are testament to Stephen’s dedication to his art and the Spoken Word Culture as a whole.

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