Toxique Trottoir

A group of women which comprises of three comedian/creators since 2003. Muriel de Zangroniz, Dominique Marier and Marie-Hélène Côté have taken over public space with Toxique Trottoir to showcase their creations at various festive gatherings that bring together citizen for a common desire to create. The vicinity and closeness of the public is at the heart of their work. A date mixed with poetry, burlesque, performance and improve, which transforms your relationship with daily life and spectacles. These multidisciplinary artists have created an atypical art form: street art meets urban art, Toxique Trottoir creates theater performances that are totally contemporary. The standardization of bodies and models, is a theme of importance and deeply inhabits them, both as women as well as creators. They promote the right to be different amongst a society that seeks to generalize every day, yet they are not. The group has walked on many sidewalks, some were at prestigious events, such as the Festival international d’été de Québec, the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal, the Festival Juste pour Rire, the Festival Franco-Ontarien d’Ottawa, the Centre National des Arts d’Ottawa, as well as the Musée des Beaux Arts de Québec, to name a few.

Past events