Jean-Philippe Tremblay

When he is not working on his Master’s thesis in literary creation, Jean-Philippe is a bartender, DJ, events planner, poet, graphic artist, libertarian, musician with Fidel Castrol and Geraldine et les gym corcoran; co-founder, with poet Danny Plourde, and director of the literary creation collective Ectropion (printed bi-annually since 2002), and a Gonzo journalist for the Quebec version of Vice Magazine. Sometimes he finds the time to sleep. These days, he is focusing on the oral aspect of poetry in his published works, although he has submitted several texts of poetry or prose in the following magazines: Exit, Ectropion, Moebius. Jean-Philippe has participated in several public events such as the tours of Caravane poétique (with Jonathan Jonas Lafleur, Catherine Cormier-Larose, Danny Plourde, Jonathan Lami, Shawn Cotton), La Nuitte de poésie de Jonquière, La Ligue québécoise de slam, book fairs in Trois-Rivières and Rimouski, as well as his numerous ‘night shifts’ over the years at the FVA.

Past events