Odile Tremblay

Cultural journalist at Le Devoir for the last twenty years, Odile Tremblay focuses on the art scene in all of its dimensions, in Quebec and during her travels, as a source of enrichment, wonder, but also doubt on this drifting earth. She deals with the cinema section, covers many festivals, including Cannes, and has been writing for twelve years a cultural column on Saturdays, which allows her to question societies, hers and the one of others, by mixing culture and thought. Literary editor of Le Devoir in 1992 and 1993, her passion for words equals the one that she has for images that come alive on screen. She won the Prix Jules-Fournier in 1994 for her style and the Prix Judith-Jasmin in the Opinion category in 2005 for a review that leaned on the religious heritage of Quebec and its cinematic representation. She feels irritated by the diktats of our times.

Past events