Carl Veilleux

Carl Veilleux is a proud graduate of Cegep St-Hyacinthe’s professional acting program. On stage he performed in le voyage d’Alice, a play based on Lewis Carroll’s classic, which ran during the entire summer of 2005 at le Bain Mathieu. The following year, he was l’Homme in Sergi Belbel’s Le sang presented at the théâtre Prospero, and in 2009 he performed at the théâtre du Ganoué as Francis in Vérité ou conséquence, a play written by Louis-François Grenier. In 2010, his portrayal of Cyrano de Bergerac in les larmes et le sang, a master’s thesis presented at UQAM, gave him the opportunity to travel to Arras, France. In 2011, he performed as L’homme in Nicola Cormier’s La croisée des chemins at the Studio théâtre de l’illusion; a 50 minute monologue geared towards an 8 years old and up audience. Carl also received puppetry training with the Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur which led him to perform in Harmonie in China during the summer of 2012. With a constant desire to grow artistically and perfect his abilities he undertook multiple internships and acting workshops in 2012; At the Junction of Body and Object (Théâtre du movement with Claire Heggen), Physical Acting Intensive with Dynamo théâtre. Recently, in the fall of 2012, Carl landed the role of Octave in Le Carnaval des Animaux, a production of Arsenal à musique.

Past events