Pamela E Witcher

Pamela E Witcher — Interpreter, translator, cultural mediator, museum curatorship and artist, Pamela finds it necessary to overlap old and new discoveries that have the power to change views and ideas. When the Deaf communities create information through art and documentation, our existence become concrete, known and valued. Pamela’s works have been featured in Edinburgh International Book Festival, Ecomusée du fier monde, Quebec on the Move!, À Bâbord, Signed Music: A Symphonious Odyssey and The Black Drum. Her most recent signed music performances were portrayed at a VIBE Symposium 2018: Challenging ableism and audism through the arts; Celebration of Sign Language 2015: Revisiting Language, Literacy, and Performing Arts symposium at Towson University, and Les Drags te font signe at Chez Mado cabaret. Parallelly, Pamela works as a Community Relations Manager with Canada’s Video Relay Service.

Past events