Hodan Youssouf

Born in Somalia, Hodan Youssouf was born Deaf. As there were no adapted services for Deaf people in this country, her parents decided to send her and her hearing siblings to France, where they were received as refugees. In 1989, with her siblings, Youssouf immigrated to Canada.

Today, she is active in the Deaf community in Montréal and has been working for the past nine years as a teacher’s aide for Deaf students at Gadbois School. Quadrilingual, she is fluent in Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), American Sign Language (ASL), English and French. Passionate about theater and acting, she has participated in various theater activities, including an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in ASL in Toronto. In addition, she has collaborated on numerous occasions with Cinéall, an organization that works on innovative and creative communication solutions between the Deaf and hearing worlds, including the production of short films such as “Un homme fou s’aspirer” and “Souviens-toi… un dortoir”. She also participated in a Deaf music project as a research assistant. She participated as a performer for the role of Aphrodite in Bernard Adamus’ song, “La part du diable”. A committed poet and actress, she has participated in a multitude of projects over the years, both in the hearing and Deaf communities, in Quebec and abroad. She was also seen in the theater in “La Traversée”, a bilingual LSQ/French play, on tour with Voyageurs Immobiles, Cie. She also played the role of Ariel in the play The Tempest at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

Past events