D. Kimm, general and artistic director

Les Filles électriques draws on the experience of its executive and artistic director, D. Kimm. Since 1994, she has produced shows that have left their mark on the literary scene, bringing together hundreds of writers, stage artists and musicians. Worth noting: her tenure as artistic director of Montréal’s Festival de la littérature (1995—1998). She has published four books and released a music-poetry CD/album (Le Silence des hommes with guitarist Bernard Falaise). Her show with performer Alexis O’Hara, Mankind, which has released the disc Ice Machine and toured Europe in spring 2008.


  • Lucie Bazzo, scénographe et éclairagiste
  • Luc Beauchemin, graphiste
  • Guido Del Fabbro, compositeur-interprète
  • Michel Fordin, éclairagiste et directeur technique
  • Tomi Grgicevic, vidéaste
  • Caroline Hayeur, photographe
  • Rémi Leclerc, technicien son et vidéo
  • Denise Leprohon, comptable
  • Allison Moore, artiste médiatique
  • Laura-Rose R. Grenier, directrice technique et régisseuse
  • DIM, site Web