Launch of the first issue of Dubref

A mixed-media magazine

This brand new CD-ROM magazine called DUBREF is produced by Léon Guy DUPUIS, a multidisciplinary artist and writer who studied literature, and Bernard BELZILE, a digital video editor who also studied literature.

DUBREF features francophone and anglophone urban spoken-word and oral-literature performers. Their performances — rap, theatre, poetry, fiction, improv, music poetry, video poetry, art video and more - are recorded on audio and video, then released on mixed-format CD/CD-ROM recordings. Audiences will enjoy discovering or rediscovering these performers while following the development and growing importance of the oral-literature genre. Four compilations per year will be released.

The DUBREF crew will be present during the entire festival to film and record the performances — capturing whatever mayhem might occur!

The first compilation, Dubref Session 1, features the following performers in audio and/or video: Anthony BANSFIELD, SÉBA, Yannick B. GÉLINAS, Marie-Hélène POITRAS/Yannick DUGUAY; Catherine KIDD, Ian LAUZON, Julie MAHFOOD, Neale MCDEVITT, Jean-Marc MASSIE and Doug SIMMS.

Excerpts from the CD-ROM will be screened and short performances will be given in French by SEBA and Ian LAUZON and in English by Catherine KIDD, Neale MCDEVITT and Doug SIMMS.