Les semis populaires

For the space of an evening, the planets will line up in an unexpected and unpredictable manner: three freewheeling celestial orbs, linked by common interests, will come together on stage, LUSSIER, MARTEL, DESBOIS. The encounter will happen under one condition: each performer agrees to strip down to the barest of instruments, a guitar and nothing else (Urbain insists that, to make things fair, Lussier play with one hand tied behind his back).

The show takes place under the sign of the Monkey, symbol of open-mindedness and innovation: Frank MARTEL, UFO of Quebec song, with two albums to his name (Enjambons le désert and Sautons ce repas du midi) meets René LUSSIER, who never ceases to chart new musical territories and here takes on a Hawaiian influence (with lyrics by Paule MARIER), while solo commando Urbain DESBOIS rounds out the trio.

When René LUSSIER is asked what kind of music he makes, he sometimes answers, «semi-popular»; this wry comment inspired the show’s title. The space of an evening, three worlds will collide and sparks are sure to fly.

The show will be recorded by Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle for broadcast in 2004 during the program Les Décrocheurs… d’étoiles, Fridays at 10:00 pm. Hosted by Michel Garneau, produced by Christine Germain.

  • French song evening.

    Urbain Desbois
    Frank Martel
    René Lussier

    Recorded by Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle for broadcast in April 2004 during Les Décrocheurs… d’étoiles. Christine Germain, producer.