At 9:00 pm, discover the Afro-Peruvian group MANDINGA, whose lively shows and recent release have brought a breath of tropical fresh air to the Quebec world music landscape. The ten-member collective, started by brothers Kullak and Musuk VIGER ROJAS (virtuosos on the cajón or box drum), draws from the Afro-Peruvian tradition but spices things up with a jazz and Latino flavour and with socio-political texts and poetry. In addition to the two singer-percussionists, the group features Guillaume ADAN (saxophone, flute), André FALEIROS (bass, double bass), Joseph MARCHAND (guitar), Sacha DAOUD (drums), Mauricio VENEGAS (vocals), Jacques SÉGUIN (trumpet), Serge ARSENEAULT (trombone) and John SADOWY (piano). And, since words and music go together at the FVA, writers Manuel ARANGUIZ, Miguel RÉTAMAL and José Antonio VENEGAS (all born in Chile) will join the group for the evening to read their texts.