Un show de clôture… sans barrières!

A closing show that breaks down barriers and opens up the field. Hosted by the unclassifiable Tomás JENSEN and his FAUX MONNAYEURS who will bring the house down with their music and stories, the evening promises unrestrained pleasure. Singer, poet and world traveller IVY, a father twice over, kicks off with his border-hopping performance. Not to be outdone, cellist Hélène BOISSINOT turns into a storyteller for the evening. Singers (of sorts) GENEVIÈVE et MATTHIEU will unravel the resistance of even the most unbending audience members. Poet Jean-Sébastien LAROUCHE will shake the foundations with his scathing, sharp-edged verse. Young rapper SEBA mounts his powerful folk rhythms as a bastion against indifference. And our guest of honour Urbain DESBOIS will wrap up a week of busting out and hunting down a babysitter with some new inventions to cap off the evening.

In a show without boundaries, anything’s possible!