Premier disque du Band de poètes

poet-musicians and musicians who understand poetry
passion, humour, intensity
this band turns music into poetry and poetry
into music

Launch of the Band de poètes’ CD with a performance of some of their favourite pieces.

Le Band de poètes is made up of poets José Acquelin, D. Kimm, Geneviève Letarte and Guy Marchamps, accompanied by Bernard Falaise on guitar and Normand Guilbeault on bass. At this innovative group’s shows, the poets make music and the musicians follow the words and whispers of the poems. An experience full of excitement, humour and intensity.

For their first release, recorded live at the Va-et-Vient cultural bistro in September 2004, the poets perform texts and songs for which they have written the words and music. Produced by Les Filles électriques, the group was formed in March 2001 on the initiative of D. Kimm, with the aim of presenting music and poetry shows in Quebec and internationally.

Produced under the record label Monsieur Fauteux m’entendez-vous?, the CD is a co-production between La Smala and Les Filles électriques. Distribution: DAME.