Martin Tétreault + Gatineau

In French. After listening to countless kilometres of magnetic tape and old vinyl, and long hours choosing, sampling, processing and remixing the sounds, musician Martin Tétreault brings us the voices of yesterday emerging from the past in a way that is both touching and irreverent. The words of Miron, Langevin, Garneau, Savard, Desbiens and others meet and come alive in varying declensions and declinations, while Tétreault - at his skilful, mischievous best here — mixes acoustic and electronic tunes, with a little folklore and familiar tunes thrown in. “I hear voices,” he tells us… “but also sounds.”

With the help of Julien Roy, Martin Tétreault presents “live on stage” a dialogue between poetry and music mixed with three audio clips by Diane Labrosse, Anne-Françoise Jacques and Aimé Dontigny. As a bonus, we’ll see some magnificent projections from L’œil de verre, the new duo of artists Jean-Benoit Pouliot and Carl Fortin.

In part two of this musical evening, Gatineau will take the stage (after jamming with Martin Tétreault) to move us into party mode! Gatineau is no freak show, still less an Ottawa Valley band. They are a thoroughly Montreal, one-of-a-kind duo, dealing in “progressive spoken word”. With the voices of SEBA/mcBrutalll (Éric Brousseau) and music by Sugartech (Jean-Sébastien Cyr), Gatineau borrows equally from hip hop and electroacoustics. On February 3, the duo will be joined by Burne Mac Pherson (Jean-Sébastien Nicol) on drums and DeMhamel (Dominic Hamel) on machines and noise processor. Look out! The Sala will be shaking!