Martel: Yé-Yi-You-Ya / Falaise: Vache qui veut vole

Frank Martel is more than the beating heart of Cheval Blanc breweries! He is also a poet-performer, theremin player, and Yé-Yi-You-Ya is his third album. He was named “sacré talent 2004” by the Chaîne culturelle of Radio-Canada. It’s rumoured he’s the spiritual big brother of Urbain Desbois, with whom he shares a love of words, off-the-wall stories and country-folk music. YÉ-YI-YOU-YA is on that wonderful small label Monsieur Fauteux m’entendez-vous? (the same that took such good care of the Band de poètes and Le Silence des hommes by D.Kimm/Falaise). Together with L’Ouest céleste (Eloi Deit and Bernard Falaise), Frank Martel will be launched in grand style at the FVA!

And that’s only the beginning. After accompanying Martel on guitar, Bernard Falaise will come out singing — his own songs! You already know him as an incomparable guitar player (Miriodor, Klaxon Gueule, Les Projectionnistes, FoodSoon), accompanist (Marie-Jo Thério), composer (Bozzini Quartet, Pentaèdre Ensemble, Quasar), and producer (Jorane, Marie-Jo Thério, Frank Martel, D.Kimm). Now see him in Vache que veut vole. He’ll be accompanied by his old pals, pianist François Lafontaine (Karkwa, Galaxie 500), drummer Rémi Leclerc (Miriodor, Les Projectionnistes), bass player Patrick Hamilton, and sound manipulator Alexandre St-Onge. Just one more facet of Falaise to discover!