Body and Soul 4

Bilingual. Closing event. Hey! No one leaves the room til we bring the roof down one more time! Body and Soul like you’ve never seen it before will be the closing act at the 6th edition of the FVA. Cheeky, you say? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Funny, irreverent, friendly, absurd, warm and completely unhinged, Les Moquettes Coquettes will host an evening where the female of the species unloads all its ying… and yang! On the program are: Giselle Webber, the sizzling singer from the band The Hot Springs, la Numba One will perform a solo. She is disarmingly frank and her charisma is legendary, so prepare yourself to be charmed right out of your tree. And the members of Women with Kitchen Appliances (WWKA), first-time visitors to the Festival, will inject a little incongruity into this high-voltage evening. Identical, interchangeable, disposable and dead serious, WWKA is a sound project, a hardcore kitchen band, a performance collective, improv, intervention, installation, concert, cacophony, recipes and — since the spring of 2004, a kitchen certification service (whew!). And finally, she may be turning over her role as host for the evening, but D.Kimm, Executive and Artistic Director of Les Filles électriques, will still be on hand to give a performance with all the emotion and sensuality we have come to expect from her. And afterwards? Well, there’s a wrap party, isn’t there! The girls are all grown up, and they tell us they can DJ too.… Yikes!