Combat contre la langue de bois, Round Four

In French. Six minutes. No right of reply. You’re really going to get a piece of their mind. Every year we have to cram a few more chairs into the Sala to accommodate the crowds. Our combat against the cliché has become something of a cult event. Jacques Bertrand, head honcho of Macadam Tribu, will once again host all you people out there who are sick to death of the loop of boneheaded waffling we hear in the public square. And you’re not going to take it anymore!

Wafflers, prepare to bite the dust! With Brigitte Haentjens (passionately engaged stage director), René-Daniel Dubois (playwright/never at a loss for words), Jean-Marc Massie (voluble storyteller: we’ve got a shot clock with his name on it), Geneviève Rochette

(actor/humorist/not averse to a bit of gossip), Marie-Louise Arsenault (journalist/no minced words), Serge Bouchard (strangest of anthropologists), Louis Champagne (actor/sociable tavern-dweller), Evelyne de la Chenelière (playwright/keen observer of humans), Queen KA (young slammer with quite a mouth on her), and Mado Lamotte (queen of kitsch — an unusual guest for the FVA, huh? Don’t we know it.)

We’re hoping to avoid an audience KO, so we asked musical referees Fred Fortin, Olivier Langevin and Robbie Kuster to step in if it goes too long. And host Jacques Bertrand? Phlegmatic, sarcastic as ever, he’s moved up a weight category. In the office, we’re calling him “Steak”.