Cabaret DADA

Closing Show

Bilingual + invented languages. From 1916 to 1925, the Dadaists challenged the conventional limits of ideology, fine arts and politics — like us. They rejected propriety, reason and logic — like us. They loved extravagance and the freedom to create — like us. Most of all, they were looking for freedom in language, which they preferred poetic and oddly assorted. Like us!!!

Our Closing Night Show will take the form of a DADA Cabaret worthy of our dadaist precursors. Indeed, this 7th FVA has a particular soft spot for history. We began with John Giorno, who’s been doing performance poetry for 50 years. We end with a tribute to those fathers and mothers of performance, a show in purest dada style. We trolled Montreal for the strangest fish we could find and told them anything goes, text to costumes. The resulting cast is outrageous (not to say hysteric queer insolent extreme improbable). Down with reason, up with extravagance! In a moment of typical dada folly, we’ve held the ticket price down to $15 for this madly historical show.

Featuring, Nathalie Claude, Stéphane Crête, Pascal Angelo Fioramore, Miriam Ginestier, Marcelle Hudon, Dayna McLeod, Carole Nadeau, Dominique Pétrin, Alexandre St-Onge and Simon Brown. Our host for the evening will be the always surprising Alexis O’Hara, and we’ve hired the prettiest and tallest cigarette girl in the world, Lucas Jolly. With the silent, black-and-white queer(!) projections of Miriam Ginestier, starring adventuress Fannie Nipplebottom, and the dadaistic videos of Mike Stecky.