Maison close (Salle de montre #2)

Presented in cooperation with Et Marianne et Simon

Artistic Directors: Catherine Tardif & Michel F Côté.

Maison close presents eight of its prettiest filles (Catherine, Éric, Normand, Lyne, Martin, Guy, Lucie and Luciane—you decide) directed by the meticulous Madame en chef (Catherine Tardif). The lavish opening and closing numbers, as well as solos by our demure strippers, will be accompanied by a Maître queux beyond the pale (Michel F Côté). It’s a choreography you can join: $2 a dance. Maison close is the FVA daring to display the mute and the ecstatic, bodies drifting in pleasure. Ages 18 and over.

Founded in 2001 by choreographer Catherine Tardif, the company Et Marianne et Simon is now co-directed by Tardif and musician-composer Michel F Côté. To celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, they created a series of migratory, recurring, associative events titled Salle de Montre.