Dans la forêt III

Inaugurated last year with two all-girl shows, Dans la Forêt is back for a new deep-woods adventure, this time with guys. Some very special guys, each with his own particular style. And frankly, bringing these four creatures together for such an unlikely encounter is something of a miracle given the context (a performance hall, an audience). Poetry, straight talk, silence, severity. Theirs, the traps and secrets of the forest; theirs, the risk and the danger. Ours, just to listen. An intimate, mysterious show at the redesigned Sala Rossa. With poetic projections by two new partners, Joseph Lefèvre and Martine Koutnouyan, and the ever faithful Michel F Côté to instill some forest spirit.

One hour, no intermission, no bar service. Because in the forest, poetry is a murmur and a rustle.