Cabaret DADA Freak Show

Closing Show

For four years, the DADA Cabaret has brought the FVA to a delirious close. This year, we’re exploring a Freak Show theme with a show certified 100% authentic since we’re working with a master. Born into a circus family in his native Hungary, Laszlo Kolozsy performed mainly in the U.S. for more than forty years. Discovered in New York performing in an Italian fiesta with two over-sized snakes, he was recruited by D. Kimm to share his skills with artists in Montreal. Besides the usual bearded ladies, giants and Siamese twins, expect to see more prestigious acts, including The Sarcophagus of Doom, The Human Pin Cushion, The Escape King, Miss Twisto, Zoltan le Magnifique and Mademoiselle Voltara

All under the firm hand of Mami Wata — host, siren, tyrant. A one-of-a-kind show, length unknown.