• Tuesday, October 22, 2013 9:00 pm
    5300, rue Saint-Dominique
    Montréal (Québec)


2boys.tv will present material from a new body of work entitled, ((TESSERACT)). As a hybrid performance/installation/concert ((TESSERACT)) signals a new direction for this duo, a move into some uncharted and surprising territory. With ((TESSERACT)) 2boys.tv considers the possibility of other dimensions and universes beyond imagining in an effort to shake the foundations of accepted reality. Within the scope of this performance 2boys.tv revisits childhood fascinations with parallel universes, 4th and 5th dimensions, wrinkles in time and 19th century concepts of the “Multiverse” along with contemporary interpretations of these ideas to elicit a visceral and fleeting presence, a glimpse of humanity bound together, hurtling through space: a disappearing act and a reminder of our own transience.

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