Smile Stealers Film Experience / Sea Foam Blue 2

Allison Moore & Jasa Baka / Wives

Smile Stealers Film Experience
Smile Stealers Film Experience

Projection & performance.

Phénomena is taking advantage of the Festival du nouveau cinema’s screening of the surrealist film Smile Stealers by offering a performance evening hosted by the trickster MC Brenda. Spectators will receive a kit to intervene during the interactive and immersive projection. There will also be a costume show with musical performances (Syngja, Sinuous Wig) and a “Paper Moon” automatic photo booth inspired by film sets, which will allow spectators to capture their memories on film. An off-the-wall event to celebrate the four years of work with the filmmakers Allison Moore and Jasa Baka.

You will also have the opportunity to view Sea Foam Blue 2, the uncensored love story between a siren and the ocean, a fantastical performance — with analog projections — by the group.

Smile Stealers is a live-action animated film made in Montréal, Canada. It tells the story of a girl who becomes a warrior to save the world from eternal despair. Blending analog-lo-fi visual effects with complex compositing and computer animation, this film is a campy surrealist silent film era music video. Created on a shoestring budget, Smile Stealers is an independant film made over the last 4 years by a group of artists, performers and musicians from Canada, the United States and Iceland. The script and design were created by multidisciplinary artist Jasa Baka, fueled by her obsession with Cheesises, campy surrealist films and mythology. Directed, edited and visual effects by artist Allison Moore, this is their first collaboration. The cast are all performers and artists who play accentuations of themselves. Original musical score by Todd MacDonald and The Winks featuring songs by Aids Wolf, Man Meets Bear and Syngja.