Le Cirque orphelin

Les Sages Fous

Le Cirque orphelin [Photo: Cinthia Chouinard]
Le Cirque orphelin [Photo: Cinthia Chouinard]

Contemporary puppet, without text, for 12 years and over.

Le Cirque Orphelin is a haven for orphaned things, for puppets who were born deformed and for maladapted objects. A kaleidoscopic delirium in which deconstructed stories overlap. Two ragpicker-scrap metal merchants dream up a small circus which evokes the lifestyle of a troupe of misfit cabaret artists, who look l they just stepped out of a macabre cabinet of curiosities. In the shadow of corporate entertainment giants, a small carnival caravan glimmers in the night. A traveling circus that gives the small and miserable a voice, that deals in the hideous and the beautiful, and that provides a place where impossible love can become a reality. This troupe of outsiders is led by the wand of the mysterious impresario, P.T. Issimo.

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