Schmuttland: pour une utopie durable

Les Sœurs Schmutt

  • Tuesday, October 22, 2013 8:00 pm
    4848, boulevard Saint-Laurent, 3e (près de l’angle Saint-Joseph)
    Montréal (Québec)

Performance, in french.

Welcome to Schmuttland. Every century has its utopias, dreams, conquests…

For Les Soeurs Schmutt, the collective dream is in free fall. Their solution: Schmuttland. Ruled by the empresses of Schmuttland and their ministry, this promised land is first and foremost an immigration country. Each spectator is waiting for his/her permanent residency and participates in the construction of this new country, becoming a collaborator, promoter and stockholder in the process. Schmuttland: pour une utopie durable is a new and unclassifiable artistic exploration, an immersive interdisciplinary installation, a festive gathering mixing video, dance, theatre and music. Schmuttland: is we + you. It’s the final haven in case of a nuclear catastrophe.

A brainchild of Les Sœurs Schmutt (Élodie and Séverine Lombardo) created in collaboration with the artists Claudia Chan Tak, Robin Pineda Gould, Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse, Marine Rixhon and Franck Marchenay.

Les Sœurs Schmutt extend their thanks to Dominique Fournier and the Café-Bistro aRRêt dE bUS, partners in creation.

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