Blood and Glass / 10,000 Horses

Blood And Glass [Photograph: Andi State]
Blood And Glass [Photograph: Andi State]

Blood and Glass

Pop-rock experimental music

The launch show of the album Museum With No Walls delivers a radiant performance from singer Lisa Moore (Creature, Ariane Moffatt) where the instinctive meets the cerebral and pop baroque flirts dangerously with experimental rock. Be prepared for a surreal visual experience; Ms. Moore was born to be on stage, seducing her audience from the semi-darkness. Guests included.

Opening Act

10,000 Horses

Music and projections.

Velvet (ukulele / vocals) and Lady Nite (synthesizers) are sisters. The duo’s name is inspired by Khutulun, the Mongol warrior princess who pledged to marry the man who would defeat her in a wrestling match. Throughout her undefeated career, she accumulated 10,000 horses. For the Phenomena festival, the Nite sisters present recent musical creations, a chronicle of heartache and loss.