Mineminemine / Le monde sans nous

Mineminemine [Photograph: Simon Lafrenière]
Mineminemine [Photograph: Simon Lafrenière]



LE TIERS ENTERTAInMENT is an environment-friendly concert-performance. As light as an anvil, as fun as a feather, without any catastrophic inclinations. Mineminemine is a collective of sound and art-action artists who have been making spatiotemporal architecture since 1999. Their approach focuses on the relationship between sound and performance that is built based around each space’s acoustic characteristics.

Le Monde sans nous


After death, the Egyptians hoped to board the magical boat of the sun god, Ra, and join him on his journey to the afterlife. Tibetan Buddhists believe after death the mind continues to wander in search of its body. When we are no more, will we still exist? Will we leave anything behind? Sounds? Smells? Thoughts? Will a part of us always exist, here or elsewhere, in other realms?