Québec Performative 1

On est tu heureux hen.
On est tu heureux hen.

An evening of performances with artists from Quebec City

La table

Performance is like an extension of a sculpture or a drawing; existing in another medium, like people through a TV screen, trying to build new ideas.

Windsor-Sud ou Tout le monde sera rendu un faux portugais

Well-known for its feats of gymnastics and in Formula 1, the collective On est tu heureux hen. will deliver a “majorly cheap” show as well as a little clowning around at home… without the clown. Driven by a blazing fire, the collective will likely flare up during their show at La Sala Rossa. No bleeding is anticipated. Presented by Folie Culture.

Déconstruction / Construction

Any performative action can illustrate a phenomenon where productions are set up in a shared space and time; this is a demystifying illusion in which the process outweighs the linearity of the message. Doing and undoing contain a metaphor constructed around a moment of sharing.