Kim L Rouchdy, Sœurs Schmutt, Stéphanie Morin-Robert

Kim L Rouchdy [Photograph: dyadephoto]
Kim L Rouchdy [Photograph: dyadephoto]

Triple program — Dance

Lumen Extra TerramKim L. Rouchdy

Light and fabric dance through space. What is this creature? It resembles a human, but it moves like a warrior, both predator and prey. Instinct informs its way of moving throughout space, crawling and enduring. At times, the creature behaves as a peacock showing off its finery.

Chorégraphe: Kim L. Rouchdy
Interprètes: Catherine Laframboise-Desjardins et Kelsey Duffy
Compositrice: Vanessa Zaurrini

Duetto en schmu mineur pour corps gémellairesSœurs Schmutt

This new study is part of a series of explorations on the “Double Entity,” inspired by the sisters’ long-standing and unique relationship. A brief poetic and sonorous foray into the shared imaginary of these two choreographers where “I” means “we” and “we” begin to play with words, silences, punctuations. Note: schmu is the official language of Schmuttland, a country Phénomena spectators were able to visit in 2013.

Bear DreamsStéphanie Morin-Robert
For Body And Light

We are a winter nation, but where is the heart of winter to be found? Through stories, music, and dance, Bear Dreams recounts the saga of a young couple who goes off searching — first for each other, then for the heart of a country. High atop the Rockies the lovers meet an animal spirit that just might hold the answer.

Chorégraphie et mise en scène: Stéphanie Morin-Robert
Interprètes: Danika Cormier et Joachim Yensen-Martin
Spoken Word et musique: Ian Ferrier