Les Strange strangers

Audrée Juteau / L’Annexe A

[Photograph: Natasha Thomas]
[Photograph: Natasha Thomas]

Les Strange strangers invites us into an offset universe where two dancers connect deeply with cardboard boxes, canvas and coloured tape through a self-administered hypnosis session. The inanimate objects come alive, times amorphous, at times geometric, it shreds cardboard and reveals the reversibility of space, reminding us of Alice in Wonderland’s loss of sense of identity and proportion when she falls down the rabbit hole. Constant metamorphosis of matter and bodies, punctuated by the emergence of euphoric clarity, the piece is lived like a hallucination with no collateral damage for the spectator.

Les Strange strangers has been created in residencies at Studio 303 and its partner Vermont Performance Lab, at Danse à la Carte, Centre de création O vertigo, Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont-Royal and Dance’s department of UQAM, with the support of Studio 303 and CALQ.

Double feature with À propos of nothing / de rien.

Wordless performance.