Learning how to Steal

Jesse Orr

[Photograph: Stephanie Gaidica]
[Photograph: Stephanie Gaidica]

Interdisciplinary artist Jesse Orr takes on what it means to be an heir to Canadian colonialism with resonant images, a sense of humour, and unsettling honesty. Learning How to Steal draws upon contemporary puppetry and physical theatre while layering images on stage using live feed video. In an era of Indigenous resurgence, what must white settlers learn and unlearn to take part in changing our culture? On stage Jesse is joined by an observer, performed by Cleo da Fonseca, whose camera lens deftly re-frames the performance, creating layers of visual storytelling which gesture towards the almost unspeakably fraught nature of the issues in play. Murky water flows throughout the visual world of the piece, a bit of colonialism made manifest which also serves as a narrative device. Directed by David di Giovanni, the piece playfully manœuvres through difficult, emotional questions to speak to our national shame.

Double feature with A Casual (Strikethrough) Reconstruction.

Show in English.