A Casual (Strikethrough) Reconstruction

Johanna Nutter & Nadia Myre

Nadia Myre [Photograph: Adrian Morillo]
Nadia Myre [Photograph: Adrian Morillo]

Visual artist Nadia Myre and theatre artist Johanna Nutter explore the uncomfortable feelings around being native and/or non-native. A Casual Reconstruction (2017) is an interdisciplinary work in evolution resulting from a collaboration between two old friends: visual artist Nadia Myre and theatre artist Johanna Nutter. The two artists explore a dialogic text originating from a recorded conversation that took place within a group of culturally-mixed individuals about the challenges of identifying as Aboriginal people as their cornerstone.

The performance engages the audience and each other in an oscillation of identity constructs. These personal oral histories sourced from the original conversation are read as a play, by non-aboriginal people in the audience. Having people re-enact a conversation while obfuscating notions of authenticity brings the audience to engage in active and reflective listening.

Double feature with Learning How to Steal.

Show in English.